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Welcome to our 2006 Pond and Garden Picture Gallery!
As winter trangresses into spring, summer and fall, we will be adding
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Welcome to the 2006 Pond Pages. As time goes along we will be adding pictures to this section.
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Jim & Cindy

2006 Pond Album

01/08/2006 A picture of some of our wing visitors. If you look closely you will see a Cardinal, a BlueJay, a Chickadee, Dark Eyed Junco and 2 house finches.

01/08/2006 A tufted titmouse eating at our bird feeder. This was one of the hardest birds I've ever had to photograph. Every time I snapped the shutter he took off and I had a picture of a birdfeeder.

01/13/2006 Gnatty meets Trinket for the first time!!!

01/13/2006 Cindy meets Trinket for the first time. She is doing a double take just to make sure it really IS a dog...

01/13/2006 This is a picture of Trinkets mother

01/13/2006 Gnatty decides that she wants nothing to do with the little reprobate. She tries to sneak off while Trinket scratches her ear.

01/13/2006 Trinket settles in for a snooze.

01/13/2006 Trinket is really sawing the logs, in fact, she likes the crook of my arm so much that she still prefers to sleep there if I let her.

01/13/2006 Gnatty is trying to convince Cindy to not take Trinket home with us. In fact, Cindy is agreeing with Gnat. However, I cried and screamed and threw a tantrum so Trinket came home with us. She is 7 weeks old. BTW: I'm still paying for that but Cindy has fallen in love with the dear little girl! But I'm still in trouble for bringing a puppy home.

01/13/2006 Trinket is doing her best to charm Cindy. Gnatty is looking at me accusingly and wants me to know that I will "pay" for this atrocity.

01/13/2006 Pooh meets Trinket. He is trying to decide if she is a dog or "food"... Kinda looks about mouse size doesn't it? That high pitched squeak that Trinket makes kinda sounds like a mouse only a bit louder.

01/13/2006 Larlee meets Trinket. Larlee isn't sure what it is and is hoping it is a new toy to bat around.

01/13/2006 Trinket eating her first meal at home. Hungry little tike!

01/14/2006 Trinket curling up on my shoulder while I am laying down watching television.

01/16/2006 Trinket (her majesty) is exploring her domain. Notice how confident she looks while walking. This girl is BOLD!!!

01/16/2006 Trinket is exploring Gnat's bed.

01/16/2006 Trinket chewing on a white wooly snake. She has a small rawhide bowtie chew next to her also.

01/16/2006 Gnat is letting Trinket know in no uncertain terms that this is "HER" bed, she can go look elsewhere.

01/18/2006 Trinket loves to pull the corner on the rug downstairs.

01/20/2006 Trinket likes to sleep between my feet when I am at my desk.

01/21/2006 Trinket is getting her first bath at home.

01/21/2006 Trinket is getting her first bath at home.

01/21/2006 Trinket is getting her first bath at home.

01/21/2006 Trinket is getting her first bath at home.

01/21/2006 Trinket is getting her first bath at home.

01/21/2006 Trinket is getting her first bath at home.

01/26/2006 Trinket and Cindy having a "moment".

01/27/2006 Trinket wearing the little coat that Pam knitted for her.

02/10/2006 Trinket is in her little bed and Gnat is in her bed.

02/18/2006 Trinket surveying the steps and deciding on which way is the best way down them.

02/28/2006 Trinket sitting across Cindys hands. Notice her little "pot gut"?

03/04/2006 Trinket sitting back enjoying herself

03/04/2006 All worn and tuckered out. She fell asleep while playing with her "woolies".

03/17/2006 Trinket still sleeps on my shoulder when I'm laying down watching television.

03/19/2006 Gnat and Trinket having a moment to themselves. Gnat has discovered that Trinket can now climb the stairs by herself. Gnat is laying down the rules.
Rule #1, Gnat rules the roost
Rule #2, when in doubt, Rule #1 is in effect.

03/24/2006 Gnat and Trinket fall asleep on Cindy's chair.

04/03/2006 On our trip down to Florida we stayed at several motels. They all allowed pets! This is our first day in Florida after waking up.

04/04/2006 Sue graciously let us use her RV while we stayed in Florida. Even though we had 2 chihuahua's with us it was very comfortable!

04/04/2006 Another view of Sue's RV.

04/04/2006 We arrive at Silver Springs.

04/04/2006 Looking at the swampy area surrounding Silver Springs.

04/04/2006 Yup, there are 'gators in that swampy area!

04/04/2006 Lots of spanish moss hangs from the trees in Florida

04/04/2006 A gecko! I'll never look at the Geico ads the same again

04/04/2006 Cindy wearing a pink hat. I bought the hat for her and now that we are home I can't get her to wear it. Chuckle!

04/04/2006 Believe the sign! There are gators down near the waters edge!

04/04/2006 Looking through the glass bottom boat.

04/04/2006 Those 3 statues are from the movie "I Spy". Part of the movie was filmed at Silver Springs and they left part of their movie set.

04/04/2006 This is the Captain of the glass bottom boat we were on.

04/04/2006 Sue and Cindy cruising through the park.

04/04/2006 Cindy getting ready to feed the Giraffe.

04/04/2006 Cindy offering a piece of food to the giraffe.

04/04/2006 Sue looking at the Gibbons swinging in their enclosure.

04/04/2006 A Black Bear taking it easy in a cement pipe.

04/04/2006 Sue and Cindy strolling through the paths of the park.

04/04/2006 Cindy happily strolling along the path.

04/04/2006 Sue took a picture of Cindy and me near the giraffes.

04/04/2006 As we are leaving Silver Springs we saw this alligator sunning itself.

04/05/2006 We went on a drive to a store in a nearby town. As we were driving along there were orange orchards all around> I took a picture of one as we were driving. I'm surprised it came out so clear.

04/07/2006 Trinket sitting on the edge of the bed.

04/09/2006 Gnat taking a nap on the pillows.

04/09/2006 On the way home we drove through the city of "Starke". I had to pull over and take a picture of their water tower, especially since our last name is "Starke".

04/10/2006 On the way back home we took a scenic drive through Virginia.

04/25/2006 Trinket is so tired that she fell asleep in the crook of my arm. She is much bigger now in comparison to that first day we picked her up.

05/03/2006 I'm summerizing the pond. Trinket is very interested because she has been around the pond but it was empty of water because it developed a leak during the winter.

05/03/2006 Here is a picture of where I discovered the leak. Evidently there is a rock under the liner that we missed. I cleaned it up the best I could and then patched it with a special epoxy sealant. So far it is holding.

05/03/2006 Trinket is investigating the fountain in the pond.

05/03/2006 The pond is almost full.

05/03/2006 A picture of our neighbors Lilac Bush. It was extremely beautiful this spring and you could smell that wonderful fragrance of lilacs hanging in the air.

05/04/2006 Trinket is investigating the "bridge" on the top pond. Unbeknowst to her the bridge isn't solid. This picture was taken just "before" the bridge tilted and she unexpectedly went swimming. She was easily able to get out of the pond which made us feel much better!

05/05/2006 Gnat is exploring the edge of the pond. She likes laying there when the sun is out.

05/03/2006 Gnat and Trinket being lazy in bed.

05/17/2006 Trinket is not sure what to make of our new chainlink fence around the yard. She was easily able to get out of the other fence. She will have to work hard to get out of this one.

05/17/2006 A view of the backyard with the new fence.

05/17/2006 An interesting view of the sky with the storm clouds rolling in.

05/17/2006 Gnat is patiently waiting oon me to go let her into the house

05/19/2006 A cottontail that is just outside the fence. Hopefully now the cottontails won't be leaving doggie crunchies in our yard.

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