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Welcome to our Pond and Garden Picture Gallery!
Most of these pictures are of our pond, we will be adding
more as time goes along

I have made thumbnails of all pictures. Click on the picture to see a larger image and click the "Back" button on your browser to return to this page after viewing a picture. Click here for more news about the pond!

We have updated our pond pictures as of  March 30, 2002! There are 4 new pictures towards the bottom of the page.

View of our pond web cam!

Jim Speer's pond
This pond belongs to Jim & Adair Speer in Alliance Nebraska.  Their pond was an inspiration for us to create our own pond. Jim & Adair put a lot of work into building their pond and fountain.  After visiting them  one day and  staring in fascination at their pond & fountain I knew that one day we would have to put one together.

Second picture of Jim Speer's pond
This view  of Jim & Adair's pond shows how much work they put into landscaping and building their pond. They also built a small marshy area for the cattails and marsh grass.

Third picture of Jim Speer's pond
This photograph shows how beautiful and peaceful it is around their pond. You can see all of the bird houses and the gazing ball. You can sit outside at the table and completely forget that you are in a city. Without Jim & Adair's inspiration our pond would not have been possible.


We have dug the pond in as far as we can go. Bedrock and loose shale is below this point.

Taking care of the flowers on the patio.

Night time with the lights and the bubble fountain.

Addition of a few plants.

Addition of the last series of waterfalls
and Bubbles and Splash (Our 2 goldfish).

The beginning of the end... Or so we thought...

Bubbles and our new fish "Red"

Last placement of rocks, now we have to add the soil and mulch and do the final landscaping with flowers and ornamental grass.

The first lily to bloom!

Our first Hyacinth to bloom.

Our third water lily to bloom.

The waterfalls and all of the flowers that are blooming.
A camera takes a picture every minute and uploads it to the webpage.

Our pond video

Fish feeding time!!!

A water hyacinth up close.

Our pink water lily that just bloomed

Our pond from our deck.

The newest addition to the family; Gnat, our little Chihuahua

Our petunia's have gone crazy!!!

Larlee meets Gnat!

Our latest water hyacinth.

Pond with a view of the new planting pockets on the right. We both agree that the pond is finished now. We built the pond rocks a total of 3 times

Flowers everywhere!!!

Yours truly!

Jim's cousin Bill pays a visit. Bill was voted State of Kansas Driver of the Year in August of 1999  by the NTSB, logging 3,250,000 miles accident free! This is over 134 times around the world!!!

Winter is almost over but there is still a bit of ice on the pond. All 5 fish have survived the winter. It will still be another month or so before we can feed them.

Our very first iris bloomed today! When we went out in the morning it hadn't bloomed yet. When we went out after lunch, we were pleasantly surprised.

If you look closely, you can see 4 of the 5 goldfish swimming around the pond.

If you look closely at the top waterfall pond, you will see 1 Starling taking a bath in the very top pond with one waiting its turn. They evidently love the top pond much more than the birdbath that we bought for this purpose.

This is a view of the top pond with the 3 spillway ponds. This gives you a nice view of the top pond and plant arrangements. Please note that there is a bird bath in the background that the starlings are ignoring.

This is a shot looking down at the pond from our deck. It gives you an idea of what it looks like when we walk out our back door. 

This is a photograph taken from along side our swing. The cat-o-nine tails is about 4 and a half feet tall already. Towards the middle of summer most of the rocks should be covered with petunias and vinca vine.

This is another shot of the top pond and waterfall spillways but taken from a different angle.

Another shot of the spillway but this one shows the juniper that we planted behind the spillway.

This picture shows the cypress that we have planted down at the bottom end of the pond. You can also see some of the petunias. We have light pink and burgandy petunias planted.

A beautiful ground level picture taken so that you can see the spillways, waterfall and water fountain. On the right side of the spillway near the solar light, you can see the hens and chicks that we planted this year.

A view of our first water lily of the year. The picture does not do it justice.  I had to hurry and take this picture because it started to rain as I got outside.

A picture of our pond in the rain. If you look closely, you can see the raindrops hitting the pond. You can see our new lilly at the front of the pond. That gives you an idea of how big the lily flower is.

A view of the flowers along the waterfalls and fountain.

A nice view of the planter that runs around behind the upper pond and waterfalls.

A picture of Cindy holding Gnat. Cindy is standing alongside 2 of our 3 tomato plants with a zuchini plant in front. The tomato plants are huge! They stand a bit over 5 foot tall.

The same picture as the previous one but this is the full picture. I didn't cut and crop this one.

Here I am standing alongside the tomoto plants with the zuchini behind me. The tomato plant on the right of me is a bit over 5 foot tall. The tomato to the left of me is an "Early Lady" and stands about 3 foot tall.

The same picture of me as before but I didn't cut and crop this one.

This is a picture of Gnat. The top portion is what she looks like now, the bottom portion is what she looked like when we adopted her from the SPCA. I put this picture online because a few people commented on how thin she looked in the other pictures we have online. Especially the one where "Larlee meets Gnat". As you can see, she has gained a lot of weight!

View of the pond from our picture window. When the window is open, we can hear the fountain and waterfalls running.

View of the top pond showing the 3 waterfalls. You can also see the Vinca Vine that is growing over the top of the waterfall basins.

View of the back of the pond showing the petunias, vinca vine and various other plants that we have growing.

Another view of the top pond and waterfalls.

Guess who!

View of the bottom pond showing the flora surrounding the pond.

View of the sunset through the ornamental grass and pussy willow rushes.
Picture of the pond from our bedroom window
This is a picture of the pond from our bedroom window. How would you like this view to wake up to!
Winterized pond 12/25/2001
A view of our pond after we winterized it on Christmas Day.

Thank you for visiting our homepage and we hope you have enjoyed the birth of our new pond.

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