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Welcome to our 2005 Pond and Garden Picture Gallery!
As winter trangresses into spring, summer and fall, we will be adding
more pictures as time goes along
2005 Pond Album

04/14/2005 An unwelcome guest at the pond. Luckily it came visiting at 03:14 am...

07/22/2005 Flowers are really beginning to bloom around the pond.

07/22/2005 A picture of one of the windowsill planters..

07/22/2005 Looking out through the Arbor. If you look closely you can see the morning glories blooming on it.

07/22/2005 Flowers are really beginning to bloom around the pond.

07/22/2005 We have one morning glorie that has small blue flowers. The rest of them are all a deep purple in color.

07/22/2005 A picture of the garden. We have 3 tomato plants and 1 habenaro plant. We didn't plant any marigolds this year.

07/22/2005 We have a lot of tomatos on the bushes this year.

07/22/2005 A picture of our habenaro plant. You can see one of the peppers, it is a light green. They ought to be really hot!.

07/22/2005 A picture of the "back 40". When we moved here this was all overgrown with weeds that stood up to 5 foot tall. We have pushed it back to the trees now.

07/25/2005 Cindy and Gnat standing next to our lily plant! The flowers on this are huge...

07/25/2005 Another view of the lily plant

07/25/2005 A picture of the "back 40" with the garden in the forefront.

07/25/2005 Gnat standing on the porch surveying her "domain".

07/28/2005 A picture of the deep purple morning glories. This plant has been blooming like crazy!

08/06/2005 A picture of the pond during the early evening hours.

08/06/2005 A good picture of the lower pond.

08/06/2005 A picture of the upper and lower pond with a nice view of the waterfall.

08/20/2005 Another picture of the morning glories.

08/20/2005 A good picture of the geraniums that are sitting in the birdbath. Since all of the birds want to use the pond to bathe in, we decided to put the birdbath to good use.

09/03/2005 Cindy woke up with a "hat" on this morning.

09/07/2005 When I bought my jeep I was doing a little exploring around the country and stumbled upon this set of tunnels. The one on the right is for the stream while vehicles use the left one. It is only a few miles from the house.

09/09/2005 A picture of a sunset. We were towards the top of a mountain when we took it.

09/30/2005 We went to buy some peaches and apples this fall and found this wagon at one of the orchards.

09/30/2005 While driving looking for orchards we took this picture looking out across a field looking back at a mountain.

09/30/2005 I had to stop and turn around and look at these vehicles again... It can be driven either direction!!!

09/30/2005 Here is a front/back view of the vehicle. Actually, it is the "rear" of the vehicle because the license plate is here. Pennsylvania does not use front license plates.

09/30/2005 Here is a picture of another vehicle that was parked at that house. They must have something about "push me pull you" vehicles.

11/04/2005 We are heading to Clearfield for a visit to the spca there. We decided to take a few pictures of our autumn color festival.

11/04/2005 Some more pictures of the autumn colors

11/04/2005 And more pictures of the autumn leaves.

11/04/2005 Looking down Interstate 80 westbound and looking at the autumn colors.

11/04/2005 Another view looking westbound on Interstate 80.

11/04/2005 The colors of the leaves are gorgeous this time of year.

11/04/2005 Looking down Interstate 80 westbound and looking at the autumn colors.

12/22/2005 A visitor has come to visit our bird feeder that we have on the porch. After this I moved it out to the tree in the back 40. We had a cat try to catch the squirrel on the porch. I saved its little neck by stepping out and getting between it and the cat. The cat tried to get around me to get to the squirrel that was trying to hide on top of the smoker.

07/15/2005 A picture of the pond in early July

03/27/2005 Another picture of the smoker when I was smoking a chicken.

03/27/2005 Ah, a picture of perfection!

04/14/2005 A picture of the pond in early spring. I don't think the date was accurate on the camera, I think it was closer to June.

04/14/2005 I planted some roses out back and they bloomed. The blooms weren't that big but I was surprised that they even tried. The date is inaccurate on the picture, it is closer to June or July. The mustek does not hold the date very well.

A picture of baby Trinket!!! This is before we went and picked her up. It was also before Cindy knew we were "getting" a baby chihuahua!!! Boy, I'm still in trouble over that one...

04/14/2005 A picture of Trinket just after her eyes opened. Isn't she cute!!!
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