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Welcome to our 2004 Pond and Garden Picture Gallery!
As winter trangresses into spring, summer and fall, we will be adding
more pictures as time goes along
2004 Pond Album

03/08/2004 Our first visitor of the year! I was quite surprised to look out and see a squirrel exploring our pond!

03/08/2004 We haven't summerized the pond yet. As I was adding this picture to the web page it started to snow lightly. There was a little sleet mixed in with the snow.

03/08/2004 Winter is still here in this picture. It was taken on January 27th, 2004. We were just beginning to think of summertime and working out in the garden and pond when this snowfall occurred.

Pooh Pooh is wondering where his little squirrel friend has gone, he hasn't been around for a while

04/18/2004 I felt brave so I summerized and cleaned the pond and filters today.

04/18/2004 A picture looking back at our flower garden underneath the living room window. If you look close you can see the daffodil's blooming.

A view of the back of the pond. You can see the Hen and chicks at the base of the pond.

Here is a better picture of the Hen and chicks.

I'm standing by the vegetable garden out back looking back at the house. You can see the arbor we put in last year.

A view of what we call the "Back Forty". We have been gradually mowing further and further from the house. This year we are going to completely mow this section to the tree line.

We have completed mowing the entire back forty now. We have taken it all the way to the tree line. As an added bonus we found a nice rasberry bush!

A picture of our pond. We have an Iris and a Waterlily blooming!

A picture of our first Waterlily. You can see the marestail and parrots feathers are growing nicely too!

A picture of our first Iris to bloom. As you can see, there are some more Hens and Chicks growing around the pond.

A better picture of the Waterlily. As you can see by the water droplets on the Waterlily plant, it was sprinkling earlier.

A picture of the newest plant additions for the pond. We planted 2 Cannas plants earlier and the one is blooming!

A nice picture of the Waterlily and Iris blooming.

I had to throw this picture in. We got rid of the old chipped porcelain sink in the kitchen and replaced the sink with a new stainless steel sink, a new Moen faucet and a new 3/4 horse garbage disposal. The old garbage disposal would choke and plug up on 2 carrots. The new one shouldn't plug up like the old one.

We haven't taken too many pictures of the front of the house. Here is a picture of our "front yard". We have planted a lot of flowers. When everything is blooming it really sticks out. ;-)

A picture of our first Japanese Iris to bloom! Cindy and Gnat are admiring its beauty.

Another picture of our Japanese Iris.

A picture looking back at the house. You can see the planter that is by our front door. The Dogwood Tree is blooming.

A picture looking out towards the street. You can see the Hostas, German Iris and Japanese Irises lining our driveway. Our driveway is on the right. We only have 1 clump German Iris so far. It is the one just beyond the Hostas.

A picture of our planter by our front door. We have Geraniums, Impatiens, Petunius, Vinca Vine, Ivy (Can't remember the type) and Snap Dragons growing here. When everything is blooming you can smell the flowers throughout the house!

A picture of our Japanese Iris' blooming. They are all purple with a few light lavender colors mixed in.

A picture of our front door with the flowers along the side.

A more encompassing picture of all of the Iris.

A picture of one of our planters on the back deck.

A picture of Moon Flowers and Morning Glory's. We can't wait to see them blooming.

A quick peek at this years crop of tomato's.

Picture of our small garden plot.

Another picture of Moon Flowers and Morning Glory's.

Wild Rasberries! These are growing in our backyard. When we mowed the last of the weeds we discovered this plant. We saved the Rasberries and caged them up. They are really growing nicely. We have been making Rasberry syrup and pouring it over Vanilla Ice Cream. MMMmmmm Mmmmm, good!

Picture of our poplar tree that is just beyond our garden. You can see our house in the background.

Another picture looking at our garden with the house in the background.

A picture of our Zuchini! We will be frying fresh Zuchini by Friday!

Picture of one of the planters on our back deck.

A picture of one of the Morning Glory's that is growing at the base of our deck.

A picture of our pond with all of the flowers growing by it.

Looking at the flower garden by the back deck.

Looking at our Deck and flowers. You can see the Moon Flower and the Morning Glory growing alongside our deck.

Another view of our pond and it's surrounding flowers.

Looking at the top pond with it's 3 waterfalls.

Gnat sleeping in the sun!

A view of one of our planters. You can see the Hummingbird feeder in the background.

Another view of our planters. The Petunia's and Geraniums are really looking nice this year.

A picture of our Hummingbird feeder and as an added bonus, the roving camera (circled in red) watching the feeder and ready to take pictures of any Hummingbird that comes to eat lunch!

Cindy standing in front of our garden. You can see the Tomato's, Zuchini and Yellow Marigolds.

I am standing by the tree that was only 3 feet tall when we started mowing the back yard.

A picture of this years first Water Hyacinth!!!

Cindy showing off our Canna. It is a beautiful peach color.

A nice picture of one of our sill planters. This one is on the west side of the deck.

A view of one of the Morning Glories that is growing up our trellis.

A picture of the other Morning Glory growing on the other side of our deck.
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